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1100s: Gunpowder invented by the ChineseLonghouses established in Iroquois country
1200s: Magna Carta issuedIroquois villages begin to have palisades
1300s: Shoes are first made for both right and left feetMaize agriculture introduced in the Northeast
1400s:Columbus lands in AmericaIroquois population estimated at 10,000-15,000
1500s: Henry VIII becomes King of EnglandFirst kidnapping in America – Florentine explorers kidnap a Native American child to send to France.
1600s: Dutch establish a permanent trading post in Albany, NYGlass beads first used by Native Americans on clothing
1700s: New York State abolishes slaveryTuscarora join the Iroquois League
1800s: Coca Cola inventedHigh Steel working tradition begins with construction of a bridge over the St. Lawrence Seaway
1900s: Women win the right to voteVoting Rights Act makes all states allow Native Americans to vote
2000s: Barack Obama is elected first African-American PresidentIroquois Nationals Lacrosse team denied travel to England for World Field Lacrosse Championships using Haudenosaunee Passports